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At BDS we have a mission

Our purpose is to provide our clients with data and insights they need to make better, more informed business decisions. 

We've worked with wide a range of companies providing services from analysis and visualization of existing, under-utilised data, right though to full builds and Machine Learning model productions.

Unlike other Data Science and Business Intelligence companies, we're able to offer a complete service from the gathering of data, exploratory data analysis, creation of new data through to automated Machine Learning process establishment with ultimate visualization and reporting. This means that you're able to receive the output of our work in a format that is ready to use and share across your business. 

Game Designer

We provide our Clients with end-to-end solutions to meet their Business Intelligence needs. The cornerstones of our service are threefold: Data Science, Data Engineering and Data Visualisation


(1) In Data Science we focus on developing and combining analytical techniques with Machine Learning technology to solve your complex business problems. Examples include:​​

  • Predicting customer churn, i.e. likelihood of leaving company​

  • Predicting customer retention, i.e. likelihood of brand loyalty

  • Predicting customer value, i.e. monetary capitalisation on a customer relationship

  • Predicting Return On Investment

  • Predicting product demand

  • Predicting product success

  • Predicting customer propensity to subscribe into a premium membership from a freemium model

  • Automating document classification

  • Automating report exports

We use historic and live data to develop intelligent algorithms that either predict future behaviour or automate specific tasks and, therefore, not only power data-driven decisions but also save a lot of manual time and effort.

(2) It isn't enough to develop an algorithm. What matters is putting that algorithm to work for you. Hence in Data Engineering we work on integrating intelligent Back End systems with a Front End User Interface and on all the intermediate steps that need to be established in order to provide customers with the required information. So far we've pushed live models to production relying on Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services as well as our own local server integrations.

(3) In Data Visualisation we create bespoke reports and business dashboard to draw context and insight from data models in a format that is robust, easy to understand and tailored to different stakeholder groups within your business. We can provide you with a reporting suite that replaces the myriad of Excel spreadsheets and often conflicting data found in many businesses.   


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Director and Data Scientist

Alex is a data scientist with background in bioinformatics. After graduating with first-class honours in Applied Biomedical Science as well as PhD in Bioinformatics, Alex worked as a bioinformatician at Cambridge university and has academic publication track-record.

Since then he decided to use the quantitative modelling and programming skills to help solve problems in the wider business community. As an industrial data scientist, Alex worked on a wide range of predictive projects such as  customer churn, customer subscription, customer health, customer value, natural language processing, article and web engagement. His stack includes R, Python and SQL and, together with Andy, he's pushed active and live models to production (Google Cloaud Platform & AWS architectures with RShiny, Google sheet and PowerBI integrations). 

Alex also creates online courses on Udemy



Director and PowerBI Specialist

Andy is a Director at Brainbox Data Science LTD and Business Intelligence specialist. After working for several years as a Data Analyst at some of the industry's top hospitality brands, he decided to take a Director and BI specialist role at BDS and is currently leading the implementation of complex legacy system integrations and building frameworks for insightful business data visualisations. Andy'd stack includes PowerBI, SQL and Excel's VBA.



Alex worked with me on a medical research project for one of my most important clients. It's clear that his data science skills are second-to-none, but the best thing about working with Alex is that he is able to explain his methods clearly and in layman's terms, and always with the practical use case in mind, which are very rare skills for a data scientist. I'm looking forward to working with Alex on many more projects.

Andrew Burgess, Founder @ Greenhouse Intelligence 


Contact us by email to book your initial consultation to find out how Data Science and Business Intelligence solutions can help your company or for any other enquiry you might have:

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