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Sentence 14

Addressable is an alternative implementation to the URI implementation that is part of Ruby's standard library. An uncontrolled resource consumption vulnerability exists after version 2.3.0 through version 2.7.0. Within the URI template implementation in Addressable, a maliciously crafted template may result in uncontrolled resource consumption, leading to denial of service when matched against a URI. In typical usage, templates would not normally be read from untrusted user input, but nonetheless, no previous security advisory for Addressable has cautioned against doing this. Users of the parsing capabilities in Addressable but not the URI template capabilities are unaffected. The vulnerability is patched in version 2.8.0. As a workaround, only create Template objects from trusted sources that have been validated not to produce catastrophic backtracking.



  • Exploit mechanism: uncontrolled resource consumption vulnerability

  • Exploit objective: uncontrolled resource consumption, denial of service

  • Attack pathway: maliciously crafted template



  • Exploit mechanism: maliciously crafted template Exploit objective: denial of service

  • Attack pathway: untrusted user input

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